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The Girl Who Grew Wings & Became An Angel

May. 30th, 2006 | 06:41 pm
location: anywhere you want me
mood: excitedexcited
music: Toni Braxton

Everything fabulous must always come to an end. I recently found out that I made it into the top two with banging Sionna! I surprised myself when I started crying when I found out I was in the top two. My whole life quickly flashed by as I heard the news. I saw the abandoned girl who's parents left her, a girl who was willing to do anything to survive...to even go as far as to sell herself to anyone who would be willing to pay anything for her. Sometimes I wondered if all of those men (and sometimes women) were paying more than I was actually worth. I saw years of drug addiction, disease, rape, the girl who was confused about her sexuality, everything. And then it finally hit me of how far I have come. Its fabulous, really.

Sexy siren Vanessa gave me and Sionna details of our last VS photoshoot ever for this contest. We had to become VS Angels.

The photoshoot was set in the fabulous downtown studio. I was exxxcited to see Christina, but hopefully not for the last time. I took the N train from our loft to 31st and walked 5 blocks to the studio. Going downtown hasnt changed much, many of my former 'clients' still recognize me, I could've became rich with many new offers that I got as I walked to the studio.

Giving Christina a hello kiss and a hello something else that I cant show here ;)

I thought that since this is the last photoshoot ever for Victoria's Secret: Angelic that I would show pictures of the studio that I've been coming to.

Here is my dressing room. Christina decorated it the way I like it with photography she took herself! She's also in the lesbian porn industry, thats how she got started. I actually first met Christina when I was a prostitute. Hott! I wont say how we became acquainted ;)

Here is where I get my makeup done before every shoot (except for the shoots in Brazil...like the swimwear photoshoot)

And this was the set for today, a fabulous all blue and white bedroom. I was going to pose at the doorway of the bedroom with my fabulous VS lingerie and my angel wings. We wanted it to look like I was standing at the doorway asking whoever is looking at the picture to get a, "commmmme inside", message ;)

Christina did a fabbbulous job with my makeup

It was time to change into my hottt and fabulous VS lingerie. I only get dressed behind the screen just to tease Christina, I like to exxxcite her before she takes photos of me.

I may tease but Im not a tease ;)

Anyway, the lingerie that was picked for me was just fabulous. I never wore this shade of blue for a photoshoot before and I didnt want to go with pink, even though pink is fabulous, I think its expected that someone will wear pink in every photoshoot.

This bra made my breastesses look HOTT!

After Im changed we usually go through a few ideas of how I should pose/look.

And here I am on set! I wanted the last photoshoot to be a fabulous one. And like always, I looked at the camera and pretend its Angelina, especially if I wanted to look seductive or flirty :D

Here is my last VS: Angelic photo ever. But hopefully not my last for Victoria's Secret!:

I'm very curious of how hottie Sionna's picture came out. I'm sure its fabulous!

Im very nervous for the finale! Either one of us fabulous girls could win this.

Final Love, last kisses, and countless amounts of fondling ;)

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Dont stop, get it get it

May. 21st, 2006 | 02:01 pm
location: wherever you want me ;)
mood: gigglygiggly
music: Lenny Kravitz - Again

1. Why did you choose the outfit that you did for your partner?

Well, Sweety Ashlyn LOVES pink, she thinks its just fabulous. But I noticed the foxy-sweet girl always wears pink so I didnt want to pick something for her that was pink, instead I wanted to choose something that was close. The sweety herself told me that she wanted a dress and was tired of wearing jeans. I thought this dress was hott (great color -->peach which is close to pink but not pink, great cut, fabulous pattern, etc) and I cant wait to see how her breastesses look in it! I bet, HOTTT!

2. Why do you think your partner chose the outfit that she did for you?

Sionna must have noticed what two key elements are important to me...BREASTESSES and anything that will show my legs...so that means short dresses, mini skirts, and VS undies, always.

3. How do you feel about your outfit choice? What would you have chosen?

Its a little more formal than I usually go for (the gold, all the folds), it is fabulous though. This was the second time that I ever wore something formal in my whole life (1st time was for Vanessa's wedding)! And I would've never thought of picking that color (its hot)! What is more fabulous is that it helped me get that new look that Vanessa wanted to see. Also, it made my breastesses look hott, which is always a MUST (I was wearing 'Pout Bustier Bust Enhancing Cream' by VS on my breasts).

4. Talk about your cover. Why did you make the choices (background, hair, etc.) that you did?

First of all, blast from the past Vanessa said she wanted to see a whole new side of me, something she has never seen before (I want her to see aaaall of me, everrrrything). When Angelina saw my photo she said the way I looked reminded her of Samantha Jones from 'Sex and The City', who is high class, femme, classy AND ubber amounts of seXXXy.

Now first of all, VS' photos for their clothing are always set at the beach or the pool. So I thought it would be fabulous if I took my photo at a pool that was near/in front of the beach.

This photo from the Victoria's Secret site was my inspiration:

My hair was also tossed to one side b/c Christina told me that will help me to look more high class and show off my fabulous earrings. But I still kept the hair a little messy and wavy to make it look as though it was hot and humid outside...and is if I just finished having woohoo (which I probablly did. mmmm). I used 'So Sexy Natural Hold Hairspray' by VS for my hair.

Christina helped me a little with my pose, she told me if I stick my hip out and rest my hand on it and cross my leg and rest it over my other leg/ankle, it would give me that classy look. Now to make it even seXXXier, I took my other hand and wrapped it up and around the column that I was resting on...I pretended the column was foxy Vanessa who I was fondling behind me, mmmm.

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The Way You Like It

May. 14th, 2006 | 10:43 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Lambada (Brazilian music)

Here are the answered questions that Sweety Ashlyn asked me

Q1. This contest has alot of hott girls in it. What does Angelina think of you spending time and... fondling with them?

I've always wondered what people thought about this. Angelina and I have this fabulously open relationship. You can say that we dont exactly believe in monogamy. Just because we are in love doesn't mean that we wont be able to take notice of another HOTT girl ever again. We are secure enough to trust eachother. When I spent the day jet skiing with Adriana and fondled her breasts as we rode the waves I told Angelina about it the next time I spoke with her and she asked, "tell me what her breastesses felt like, did they jingle whnen you hit the waves? Did she let you touch anything else too?" (she likes hearing about this). But one rule we do have is, no woohoo with another girl unless the both of us are there to woohoo with her together. We do threesomes once, twice, three times, in a while...its always new and eXXXciting ;)

Q2. What has been your most memorable moment in the Victoria`s Angelic Contest?

Every moment will be considered a fabulous moment that I will never forget. From the day I spent shoping with all the ladies at Rodeo Drive to The day that I spent alone with the Brazilian Beauty Adriana in Brazil. I'm sure her breastesses are still sore from me fondling them so much.

Q3. If you could have one contestant, past or present to win, who would it be? (apart from u)

All of the ladies have been fabulous and HOTTTTT. One person that I expected to see reach the top was Adriana but she sadly had to drop out. So now I would choose the Sizzling Sionna. Not only is she hott but I always felt like she was my toughest competition here. So of course the girl who keeps me sweating the most would have to be my answer.

Q4. What do you plan to do after the VS Angelic contest has finished?

It would be fabulous if I could officially become a Victoria's Secret model but if that doesn't happen I am prepared for whatever life has ready for me. I have lived my life entire life on the edge so I am ready for whatever is meant to happen to me...the hott, the bad or the fabulous.

Q5. Your shoots have always been very sexy. Will you show your daughter, Ashley them?

These photos are nothing compared to what Ashley has already seen ;) Angelina and I walk around the house naked aaaall the time...HOTT! We dont feel the body is something to be ashamed of and we hope that we are teaching her that she should be able to appreciate her own body and hopefully she wont develop self image problems that many girls have. By teaching her that her body is beautiful and deserves to be admired, for her to be proud of it, to receive and give pleasure...that nothing is better than accepting and being proud of yourself for who you are.

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Questions for Sweety Ashlyn

May. 13th, 2006 | 09:50 am

1- Now that you are engaged, have your priorities changed? And do you believe that Robbie is fully comfortable knowing that you are out there modeling in fabulous lingerie and knowing that these HOTTT photos are out there for everyone to see?

2- Who is the girl you feel closest to in this competition? And why? (she can be a girl who is still in the competition or a girl who has left). Or do you feel that you havent had the chance to get to know anyone all that well?

3- How do you feel you've done so far in this competition? Have you progressed the way you would've hoped to?

4- Whenever you take your photos (being that VS photos are typically sexy), what is on your mind? Do you pretend there is someone in front of you who you want to have woohoo with? Do you think about Robbie in naughty ways?

5- As a straight woman, when you look at these HOTTTT photos of all these sexxxy women in this competition, how do you feel? Somewhat attracted to them? Indifferent? Explain.

6- How do you feel about working so closely with a lesbian (me)? Do you start to feel uncomfortable knowing that I am watching you almost fully naked (mmm) when you're on set?

7- If you do not end up winning this contest, do you have any backup plans? Would you further pursue lingerie modeling or go into something else, like maybe become a sim boy bunny? Or just focus on your relationship?

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Bend me, break me, anyway you need me...

May. 7th, 2006 | 09:13 pm
mood: naughtynaughty
music: Garbage - Temptation Waits

The Victoria's Secret contest is going by so fast. I still remember the days I spent trying to sell myself on the corner dreaming of what it would be like to be surrounded by all those hotttttt Victoria's Secret Angels. Now, I am surrounded by hott and willing girls everyday :D

Last week was just like the weeks before, purely fabulous. I won best photo for the 'Sexy Little Things' shoot. Here was my photo:

The only part of last week that made me very sad was that the Brazilian beauty, my friend, Adriana had to leave the contest :( Its lonely here without her.

So this week's photo was for The Garden Collection. Banging Nicole chose 'Pure Seduction' for me and I chose 'Sweet Temptation' for sweety siren Ashlyn.

Pure Seduction:

My colors were deep pink and pale pink. My fabulous photographer Christina designed the underwear that I would wear. Here is what I wore:

I tried to think of a sexy and seducing pose. What is more seductive than laying down? I turned on my computer and opened up my secret little folder in my computer where I keep my naughty pictures. I found these two HOTTTTTT pics that were my inspiration for my pose/photo:



As always, the fabulous and sexy photographer Christina showed up wearing barely anything...a thong, star tassles on her breastesses and a little see through nightie ;) She knows what I need to make a good photo ;)

Since it was the garden collection my shoot was set on a bed of flowers that followed the theme colors of the 'Pure Seduction' line. One thing that was not fabulous about this was that ants were starting to crawl around inside my panties while we were taking my photo! Luckily they didnt try to bite my cho-cha

After the shoot, me and Christina thought we were alone in the studio. Someone took this hotttt picture of me fondling Christina

Hottie host Vanessa asked us to answer these questions for her:

1.Why did you choose the fragrance that you decided on for your partner?

Just look at my nickname for Ashlyn...."Sweety Ashlyn". Ashlyn is one of those girls who has a sweet personality and a HOTT body (she is almost look, but dont touch. Tempting.). Just by looking at her photos, you are tempted to do many things to her. I wont say what since I dont want this to sound like I'm writing a woohoo novel ;)

2. What do you think about the fragrance that was chosen for you? Does it match with what you would have picked for yourself?

'Pure Seduction' was a purely fabulous choice! I was hoping Nicole would have chosen Pure Seduction for me, bronze hottie Sionna thought so too. The other brands are just as fabulous but none would have really suited me as much as Pure Seduction does.

3. Talk about your interpretation of your fragrance. Tell us about why you chose what you wore, where you are, etc.

Pure Seduction is part of the Garden Collection for Body Fantasy. My theme colors were deep pink and pale pink. My bra was deep pink with pale pink lacing and pale pink ribbons. H-0-T-T. I think the most seductive pose is laying down with the camera right above you (making the person who is looking at the photo feel like they are laying on top of me, facing me hehe
...HOTT! ). Anyway, I thought that since this is a photo for VS I should still be wearing undies...and a photo for Pure Seduction, nothing would have worked as well as wearing undies. I decided to lay in a bed of flowers that followed my theme color...deep pink and pale pink. What made this work more was that this photo is for the Garden Collection so me laying in a flower garden was a fabulous choice. The surrounding flowers also made is seem as though I was laying and being surrounded by the scent from the actual flowers that are put into the 'Pure Seduction' products.

Love, kisses, and unlimited amounts of fondling ;)

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Justify My Love

Apr. 26th, 2006 | 12:28 am
mood: relaxedrelaxed
music: No Doubt - Artificial Sweetner

This week has been another fabulous one, but very busy. But I always make time for play ;)

First, it was fabulous winning two hottttt pjs from Vanessa from the "Pink" collection.

This one is my favorite, its so fabulous:

The contest that I was running called "Miss Sim Boy Bunny" (to find the first Bunny for my magazine company "Sim Boy") ended, the foxy deadly-innocent sexxxy Katya won! I spent the entire night until early that morning before announcing the winner in the editing room straining to finish the first issue of the magazine...but I am used to pulling an all nighter for a job

Here was the very first cover of Sim Boy with the hottie hott Katya. This was also my first time on a magazine cover, this photo is so hott...I was fondling Katya's breastesses :D HOTTTT!

Afterwards, it was time for my next Victoria's Secret contest for 'Sexy Little Things' which is my favorite Victoria's Secret collection!

I decided to wear a thong with heels, ONLY ;) I figured since it was a photo for 'Sexy Little Things', I should go all out and wear the tiniest skimpiest and HOTTest thing I could find, a thong :D Heres what I wore:

I decided to use this photo of the incredibly goreously HOTTT Miranada Kerr for inspiration. I was not only inspired by this photo for what I would be doing in the studio, if you know what I mean :)

This photoshoot took place in an indoor studio since all we needed was a plain pink background that matched my thong. Not only did I want to look sexy, I wanted to feel even sexxxxier so I brought over some of the paintings from my lesbian art museum to work as eye candy. After I took off my clothes and changed into my thong I went out to the set and saw my photographer Christina wearing ONLY a thong too! That was a fabulously hot moment. When you see my photo youll know what I was really looking at ;)

Anyway, that night I was invited to take part in my first Victoria's Secret runway show! It was so fabulous that they thought to ask me to walk for them. You can see the video of my first walk down the fierce VS runway:


After all of the work this week...the art gallery, the Boy Bunny finale, the Sexy Little Things shoot, VS Runway Show, AND being a mother too, I needed my time for play. I havent gone clubbing since before Angelina gave birth to Ashley. Angelina cant go out no more (for now) but I was very excited this time because I have a new clubbing buddy who is just as much of a club addict as me! His name is Erik, he is FABuloussss! Nobody, and I mean nobody, knows how to party like a gay boy. It was fabulous b/c he did my hair and makeup before going out :D I call him the male version of myself, we owned the club that night!

Hugging my new best friend, Erika :)

On a final note ;) I took this quiz to find out which VS Collection I am made by the bona fide beauty Vanessa

What Victoria's Secret Collection Are you?

Sexy Little ThingsYou are flirty, dangerous, and sexy! You are full of confidence and love to have fun. Guys go crazy over you!
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

Love, kisses, and unlimited amounts of fondling ;)

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I'll Free Your Mind ;)

Apr. 16th, 2006 | 10:28 pm
mood: satisfiedsatisfied
music: House Music - "Dangerous" - Miami '01

It has been one fabulous week after the other...

First of all, I was excited because I won best picture and best group journal with Adriana again this week. Vanessa mailed me my fabbbulous Victoria's Secret swimwear prizes, here they are:

I really love these, they make my breastesses look hotttt

Anyway, we are finally settled in our new fabulous loft. I am so glad we moved, nothing ever worked in that old house, definitley NOT fabulous. Here is Angelina giving herself a sponge bath b/c none of the showers were working: mhmmmm ;)

If you would like to see pictures of our new loft (and our sexy Lesbian Art Gallery ) you can see them here (must be a N99 member):

Demona & Angelina's new loft

Our daughter Ashley has grown into a child, she is turning out so beautiful...she looks exactly like Angelina...such a fabulous resemblence :)

The only part of being a mother that I dont find fabulous is waking up at 6am to make sure she's up for school...I usually GO TO BED at 6am:

Since I am busy with Victoria's Secret most of the time, Angelina helps out with most of the art gallery

The main reason why we run the gallery is because Angelina isnt working (shes a former artist) anymore b/c of Ashley and I am no longer a call girl and Im in the Victoria's Secret contest...which doesnt make you any money unless you win. So running our gallery is one fabulous and hottt way to make money and it works around our interest in art and hottt femme lesbian girls like us ;)


Anyway, a few days ago we were assigned a new shoot for Victoria's Secret...it was for the Pink collection. Me and and the Brazilian beauty Adriana decided to work together. We both had to wear hottt comfortable sleepwear, here is what I wore...the tank top was made just for me...."Pink is Hott". They were fabulous enough to let me keep this:

We didnt really get to spend too much time together because Adriana had to leave right after the shoot for an important trip. We both decided we wanted to loung around on a hammock, together ;) , on a porch in front of the beach. Christina found us this fabulous location, here was the set:

I went to the shoot that morning completely undone...messy hair and wearing no makeup. Christina quickly tossled my hair around...we decided to use my usual hairstyle because we wanted me to look the way I look at home. Fabulous choice. It was difficult for me and Adriana to pose on the hammock since it kept moving around so much while we were both on it...it was hott because our bodies kept falling into eachother and I managed to get a few more gropes of the banging body.

I hope the photo came out fabulous, Im sure Christina caught us at our best. I cant wait to see what it looks like when hottie hostess Vanessa releases all of our photos on Monday.


Right before Adriana left for her trip we got mail from the "Siren" host Vanessa...it had some questions that she wanted us to answer:

1.How did you feel when you were paired up with your partner in the last round? How did it end up working out?

I was paired up with Adriana and working with her couldnt have been any more fabulous. First of all, she is one of the most beautiful girls in this contest...hott, dark, sexxxy lips...which are always coated with lip gloss (a must), hawtt, Brazilian....= hottee! So of course all of her exterior eXXXcited me but it was during our day together that I REALLY got to know her...she really is one sweet and fabulous girl. Our chemistry was set off right away, definitley made the right choice ;)

2.Why did you choose the partner that you chose for this current round?

Of course I just had to pick sweety sweet Adriana. She is the type of girl who leaves you " wanting more" and I made sure that I got it all ;) Easy to work with, gorgeous, talented, fierce, sexxxy and always up for a fun time with Demona. Perfect partner.

3.What was it like working on a shoot this round with your partner? How did you make important creative decisions together?

Adriana is fun and easy to work with, she makes for one FABulous partner. She is professional but NOT too professional to the point where everything seems directed and you just want to see if she has a stick up her butt. She IS professional but not technical which in my opinion makes for one fabbbbulous model.

We were on a time limit because she had to leave early for a trip so we just threw in as many ideas together as we could in our limited time. We probablly thought of about 5 different ways to take our picture and agreed that we thought they were all hott.

4.What was you favorite thing about working with your partner? What do you like most about her shoots and style?

No matter what the occasion or location, you WILL have a blast with Adriana. She has a way of making everything fun and that ease about her is very apparent in her photos...she makes everything look so easy and effortless. Hott.

<3, kisses, and unlimited amounts of fondling ;)

Take the quiz:
Which Victoria's Secret Angel are you?

Heidi Klum
You are a girly girl and love pink!

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Brazilian Beauties ::Gallore::

Apr. 9th, 2006 | 08:34 pm
mood: naughtynaughty
music: Cascada - Everytime We Touch ;)

Fabulous doesnt even begin to explain my week!

The week started off with me winning Best Picture and Best Journal from last week! This was such a ::fabulous:: moment. The other girls did so fabulous as well, they all looked hott in their photos so I was a little surprised that I did win. I also won two fabulous pairs of undies!

::::Courtesty of the hottt bona fide host Vanessa:::
(Thank you chica!)

* * * * * * * *
mmmmmmmhmmmmmm ;)

* * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * *

I spent a weekend in Brazil!! Let me just say, there is no place HOTTTTer than Brazil. The climate, the beaches, the WOMEN...all fabulousss and beau-ti-ful. I got the most fabulous tan too....It was nice not fake baking for once

First came first ;) I first went on my Victoria's Secret photoshoot for Sexy Swimwear. Before traveling to Brazil I bought some HOTT swimwear at Victoria's Secret that I decided to use for my shoot:

The location was a FABULOUS Brazilian beach...the sun was beaming down on me...sand and some water was getting into my hair and Christina, my hottt photographer told me it was making me look fabulous and would look hottt in the photo.

(yes, this beach is in game)

I first needed some beautiful inspiration from the fabulous Victoria's Secret models before me. I looked at these photos...wow wow wow...

I decided it would be best (and hott) if I posed in the water. Here is my photo! I emailed it to Angelina after we took the photo, she said she used it as a replacement for me not being home ;)

On my second and last day in Brazil...I had a date with the banging Brazilian beauty Adriana! I love this girl so we just had to have a little day to ourselves ;) We had plans to go jet skiing together in our swimsuits...wet...holding on to eachother...in the middle of the Brazilian ocean...HOTTTT, right? ;)

This is the Brazilian beach we visited, sooo fabulous:

Before we got on our jet skiis on the beach, this guy came up to Adriana and started hitting on her in front of me (not fabulous). I stood and watched for a few minutes as he lay all of the cheesiest and must overused phrases to try to get her...not hot I tell you. I could tell she was bothered by him and he wouldnt leave her alone, I was standing behind her so I wrapped my arms around her from behind to grope and fondle her in front of him and said to him "she's miiiine! Look, she doesn't want you or your cheesy catch phrases, come correct & GET-REAL!”. Now, Im not one to start any drama and you dont get any from me unless you ask for it...and when you ask for it, you REALLY get what you had coming. So you know what he did?? He was holding some drink in his hand and he tossed the drink in my face and then threw the plastic cup at me after. So I GRABBED!, TWIST!, and PULLED! where it hurts (on him) ;) That got rid of him for good.

I was so pissed at this point but Adriana made me feel better by laying a hottt-wett-kiss on my cheek *blush. We decided to forget about what happened and just laugh it off and got on our jet skii (we were dressed in our sexiest swimsuits). I told Adriana that I wanted her to drive the jet skii so that I could sit behind her (secretly didnt tell her I wanted to sit behind her only so I could wrap my arms around her and fondle her while she drove the jet ski).

While we were riding the waves (and my hands riding the HOTTT curves on Adriana’s body. Her simochoolas jingled and bounced as the jet skii hit each wave....HOTTTTT) we stopped in front of a small boat in the middle of the water...this guy on the boat offered us a photo op! I would not deny him, this was a fabulous moment to remember and pictures like this dont come often ;)

Here is the photo that he took of us (excuse hair...it was slightly curled before but it looks wet, pin-straight and beachy because this wasnt too long after I had that man throw his drink in my face...his beverage got into my hair). How hott is this photo of me and Adriana?!!

After jet skiing and spending a little more time on the beach, Adriana’s body was sore from the long gropes and we were both tired from jet skiing so we decided to just look around and I decided to take out my camera.

First, I saw these two hottt Brazilian beauties hugging on the beach. I thought this was a fabulous photo op.

When by the water, I saw these two fabulous women together...they looked so happy, this made me miss Angelina :( I took this photo of them, I think I might put it in our Lesbian Art gallery that we are going to re-open when we move into our new loft.

Anyway, after the beach we were hungry so we went into a restaurant and ordered some chocolate fondue! While we were eating Adriana accidentally got a splash of the chocolate on me, I pretended that I thought she did it on purpose b/c she was feeling playful (I knew it was an accident but I dont let hottt oppurtunities like this go to waste)...so I took a handful of chocolate fondue and tossed it at her. She was a little surprised but I know shes a fun girl so she took some more chocolate fondue and tossed it at me too! We were laughing and smiling throwing chocolate at eachother and I eventually took the whole pot of chocolate fondue (there wasnt *too much left) and poured it onto Adrianas chest! Lots of flirty screams came from this ;) I then quickly dove my face into her chest and licked the chocolate off ;) HOTTTTT moment, just hot (we were still in our bikinis).

mmmm, manzana en fondue (I dont know much Portuguese) :p

Not fabulous but the police came and escorted us back to our hotel room. I had the two most fabulous days in Brazil! I must return with Angelina and Ashley (our daughter) one day. It is a must ;)


Oh! By the way, Angelina and I JUST purchased our new loft! Were sooooo excited. The loft is just fabulous...First floor includes living room, dining room, chef's kitchen, bathroom, patio, our Lesbian Art Gallery is right next door. Second floor includes 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, master bedroom has a private balcony, view of the living room from the staircase (loft feature), large deck. Theres also a roof top deck (this is where all of our future parties will be hosted...I must invite my fellow smoking foxy VS Angels to our house warming party. Angelina has heard so much about all of these fabulous girls, she wants to meet them )! The roof top deck includes a brand new hot tub (sooo hottt), a bathroom and...a workout room!

Ill update with pictures after were settled in :) But here is the exterior (the two doors to the right are the entrance to the Lesbian Art Gallery):

Love, kisses, fondling for all ;)

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Invitation for the blazing Brazilian Beauty Adriana

Apr. 2nd, 2006 | 08:49 pm
mood: excitedexcited
music: Mary J Blige - Love at First Sight

Adriana, you sexy Brazilian beauty. Ive been asking you to go out with me for some time now, just us, alone ;) It would be fab-fab-fab-uuuuu-lous, I promise. I think us jet skiing together would be HOTTTT, just like the opening scene from Tomb Raider where the sexxxxxy-fied Lady Croft rides up to the boat...all wet, in her sexy swimsuit. I promise we would turn the beach upside down ;) Maybe we could share one jet skii...we would have to be close together for that ;) I would like to take you on a ride, HOTTTT. Or if you'd like, we can go solo. Which shall it be? Or do you have any other ideas for a sexxxxy outgoing?

Love, kisses, and gropping eachother ;)

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Come Correct

Apr. 2nd, 2006 | 11:25 am
mood: optimisticoptimistic
music: Pussy Cat Dolls - Dontcha ;)

What a fabulous week this has been...

...It started off with the rest of my HOTTT fellow contestant's photos being released for the Casual Comforts photo. I must say, I was most impressed with blazing in blonde heat Ashlyn's photo! Very hott!

On the day of that shoot I was told to get out of bed and not do my hair or makeup and just show up at the apartment in NYC that I was going to take my picture in....now again, I had to resist not putting on lip gloss...which as everyone knows I think is a must for any grl. Needless to say, I had to put on more clothes than I was wearing that day ;) My casual undies were so hot, I didnt expect to feel as hot in them either. We decided to put my hair up to keep the "straight out of bed look"...of course I kept my bangs over half my forehead which is my style.

So when time came to take the photo...I did as always, pretended the camera was a hottt girl (helped that my hottt photographer Christina was taking my photo). I decided to pose sexy on the arm of the chair. Here is my photo!:

This was also the day that Angelina, Ashley and I were going to move into our new fabulous Victorian home. Now, I think this home is fabulousss but its a bit too far from downtown, Im a downtown type of girl and I feel a little out of place in the suburbs...not hot. Of course its fabulous that we moved into a neighborhood where no former employees would recognize me and try to give me new offers ;) ...or beg and say that it's their birthday so I should give them a special discount added with bonuses. Im sorry, but I am no longer 'buy one get one free' ;)

Anyway, here is the new home:

Fab view from the porch, across the street:

Back of the house:

After moving in, Angelina and I both agreed that we missed the downtown life...also, our Lesbian Art Gallery would never do well here. But what made me sad was when the neighbors found out we were a lesbian couple (they probablly saw us fondling eachother through the window). Yesterday while we were outside playing with Ashley (our daughter) on the porch, I saw our neighbors...mother and daughter (9 years old?) walking out of their house...they crossed to the other side of the street as soon they reached near our house and after they passed our house they went back to our side of the sidewalk (obviously trying to avoid getting close to us or our house)...the whole time the mother covered her daughter's face to make sure she didnt look at us. When Ashley saw the little girl she started screaming "girl! girl! girl!" and we heard the woman tell her daughter "I am not to see you playing with the devil's children!"...not fabulous :(

So now we want to move back to downtown not b/c WE arent accepted here but this isnt the neighborhood for Ashley, were scared she's going to get picked on when she starts school for having two mommies. So were now looking into this faaaaaaaabulous loft back in downtown...it is across the street from two clubs!!!! A leather fetish club and another dancing club...both were my former "offices" ;) :::HOTTTTT::: I cant wait to move back, it will be fabulous.

Sooo...I found out our new photoshoot will be for the Glamour lingerie line. I spent some time looking at pictures of hottt girls wearing Victoria's Secret Glamour lingerie for different kinds of inspiration ;)

This is the Glamour lingerie that I wore for the photoshoot, isnt it fabulous hotttt?

My foxy photographer Christina had an all white bedroom set built for my photo. I had to look innocent, sexy and flirty...all at the same time! So I decided to give a flirty hottt (I hope) smile, put one hand on the strap of my hott panties for flirtiness, stuck one hip out for sexiness and softly rest my other hand by my neck for innocence. Here I was on the set (the final photo wasnt taken there...I moved to the other side of the bed where a lot of light was coming in from the window, the final photo looked fabulous because of the light):

I cant wait to see the rest of the girl's photos...something tells me these will all be really :::Hotttt::::

Love, kisses, fondling, and a little tongue action ;)

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